23 February

APPRENTICE: To design shoes

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Ivanka Trump has signed a deal to design a contemporary footwear line via Marc Fisher Footwear.  In doing so, she joins the ranks of famous wealthy celebrities such as Paris Hilton, Jessica Simpson, and Nicole Richie who have shoe lines bearing their namesake.

Most of these ‘designers’ have been less than impressive. However, lets be somewhat curious to see the end result here. For one, despite Ivanka’s ostentatious father and no doubt gilded upbringing, she has grown up to be a classy and intelligent business woman, free of the scandals we’ve sadly become too accustomed  to seeing in the tabloids. She already has a jewelry line out too, which isn’t half bad.  My hope is that the shoes will be equally elegant and hopefully more original than other celebs who lend their name but seemingly little else to the brand.

What are your thoughts? Do you think Ivanka has what it takes to be a shoe designer or will she fall flat on her pumps so to speak?


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