3 January

ARCHITECTS AND SHOES: NOVA by Zaha Hadid for United Nude

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One of the highlights of the year 2013, shoe-wise of course, would definitely be this space wedge called NOVA, designed by one of the world’s greatest architects Zaha Hadid for United Nude. I blogged about this collaboration before, but then NOVA arrived to Level Shoe District in Dubai Mall and I couldn’t possibly miss the chance to try them on. Architect wearing shoes by an architect. I liked!


The upper of the shoe combines metallic chromed vinyl rubber and is lined with the highest quality Italian kid nappa leathers.



The hidden platform and heel are composed of fiberglass and the outsole is made of rubber. Zaha developed an innovative cantilevered system that allows the staggering 16 cm (6.25 in) heel to appear completely unsupported.


Nova shoe is available in 3 colors: Black Chromed, Rose Gold Chromed, Silver Chromed


Price: 8000 AED


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