19 July

BEYOND WILDERNESS: Iris Van Herpen For United Nude

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Another imaginative collaboration between Iris van Herpen and Rem D Koolhaas of United Nude, inspired by wild nature – “Beyond Wilderness” 3D printed shoes that look like tree roots.

The shoes were presented at Paris Fashion Week during Iris van Herpen‘s couture show.

The shoes were inspired by the dramatic banyan tree and looked as if they were naturally grown, rather than digitally created. Stratasys, one of the world’s leaders in 3D printing, joined forces for the realization creation of these amazing and very sculptural shoes.

Rem D Koolhaas about the collaboration: “It was a great challenge to work with Iris this time as we were using 3D printing for the shoes entirely. The hardest part was the figuring out of the materials and 3D printing techniques to be used. Fashion is always a race against time and 3D printing allows you to move fast. The promise for the future of this technology is very powerful!”


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