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Think you can write fashion stories?

If you’re shoeRA fan, fashionista obsessed with shoes, and want to contribute to our blog, we are always on the look out for creative and talented writers with something to say. If you have the writing bug, we would love to hear from you.

Since writing skills are essential for this position, we’ll need a writing sample (either a blog/website or text) demonstrating your proficiency and style in proper English. Preferably, you are already a blogger, but those with less experience are welcome as long as you know a good style and know how to write about it.

You must be able to post at least once a week and be prepared to defend any statements you make in the comments section of your posts.

We are looking for writers/contributors in various cities to write about shoes, fashion, jewellery, shopping … and similar topics.

Look at what we’re already publishing to get an idea of the kind of stories we like, but don’t be afraid to submit an idea that’s unlike anything else we’ve ever run.

Please note that at the moment, every contribution is on a volunteer basis, for which there is (almost) no monetary compensation. This may change in the future according to the growing popularity of this site.

However, there are many perks to joining our team. You can gain valuable experience, get product samples and your “author” status can be used to attend events related to luxury or high end fashion.

Interested? Fill in the form below and get in touch!