14 December

CARRIE INCARNATION: Meeting Sarah Jessica Parker

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Last week Sarah Jessica Parker came to Dubai to promote her new SJP shoe collection and I couldn’t miss it for the world. It was probably that ‘once in a life time’ opportunity to meet her and get my first SJP pumps signed by Sarah Jessica herself.


In a private room at The Dubai Mall Bloomigdale’s members of the press had a privilege to meet Sarah Jessica while fans were queuing from early morning to see the Star.

When it was finally my turn, I approached and she shook my hand saying with that so familiar “Carrie” voice – “Hi, I’m Sarah Jessica” and then I said “I know!” when everybody present burst laughing. It was spontaneous joke I pulled and felt a bit embarrassed, but she responded with a wide smile and I was relieved.

It was the most pleasant experience of meeting someone so famous. Usually we tend to imagine celebrities as three meters tall superhumans, but Sarah Jessica is actually the same height as me (1.60m), wearing the same shoe size (37), looking exactly the same as on TV. She’s adorned with the natural beauty and of appearance reflecting her true age (seen so rarely these days even among not so famous people).


Later we met again at the shoe signing when she recognised me and noticed that my nail polish was matching those fabulous emerald SJP heels I bought.




Then she draw this cute hart with SJP initials at the base of the heel.


All that time I couldn’t help myself thinking “she’s not Carry, she’s Sarah Jessica”! I guess most of us there had that same glitch, considering how many hours we spend watching Carrie, right?!

And to conclude, I had the same impression like others who met her that day – she is unbelievably kind, humble and sweet. Her razor sharp blue eyed look speaks volumes of rich life experience. I wish Sarah Jessica was my best friend or sister that I could be inspired by every day and learn so much.

SJP collection that was selected for Middle East can be actually seen as two lines – one that explodes in rich colors with shiny embellishments and other in neutral hues and subdued detailing. Both are vary classical in shape and silhouette and I’m sure they will remain fashionable for many Seasons to come.


Manolo would be proud


Dance with me shoes


Forever Mary Jane


Disco boots

More photos can be found HERE.

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