5 January


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So Christmas and New Year are done and dusted, and as is usually the case at this time of year my January slump has started. After all the parties, dinners and glam dressing it’s always disappointing to go back to the hum drum working week.
One of the only good things about early January is the amount of time you have to get all those little jobs done that you’ve been meaning to do for ages and one of my favourite ways to beat the post Xmas slump is spring cleaning. As you may expect it’s my shoes that get the most attention, and as there are so many it can be quite a lengthy process. Here’s my little guide to getting your shoes in tip top order for the coming year:

  1. I like to start this whole process by putting on comfy clothes and informing my friends that if they still haven’t seen me for 36 hours then to come and find me because it’s likely I have been crushed by falling shoe boxes.
  2. Next its time to line up all my cleaning implements, there’s lots of different colours and fabrics within my shoe collection so I have an array of different coloured shoe polishes but a good quality neutral leather cream will do the same job and it saves space. It’s always good to have lots of clean cloths and a suede brush, as well as sellotape (explain later) and wet wipes.
  3. Keeping your shoes in shoe boxes helps them to keep their shape, and stops them getting dusty but what I like to do once a year is clean the shoe boxes themselves out, and replace the tissue paper. Hovering the boxes is the quickest way to do this, and you can even add a spritz of perfume to the new tissue.
  4. It’s also a good time to dispose of any tatty boxes or mend any broken corners with sellotape. Sometimes if it’s a boring looking box I cover it with nice wrapping paper, which can also help to distinguish which shoes are in which box.
  5. Now its time for the actual shoe cleaning which is what takes the most time, and its also a good time to identify which shoes may need re-heeling or re-soling. I always start with the inside, which often gets overlooked, cleaning this part with a baby wipe before moving on to putting on polish. Leaving polish to soak into the leather is the most effective, as is polishing it off with a natural hair brush.
  6. Suede stains are so easy to get but I’ve found that holding the shoe over a steaming bowl of water and then brushing them in a circular motion with a suede brush does wonders for stains and really helps to revive the suede.
  7. Cleaning the soles of the shoes is also important, and painting a clear coat of nail varnish over coloured soles (such as my fav Louboutins) helps the colour to pop again. Always make sure that you let the inside and the soles dry before returning them to their box as damp shoes encourage mould growth.
  8. Finally I like to take a picture of each shoe and stick it to the front of the box as well as keeping a copy on file so I know exactly what I’ve got and so that I can find the pair I want quickly and easily.


Sophie Fletcher


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