2 March

CONFESSION OF A SHOE ADDICT: Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush

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I love February, it’s a month of new things, and despite the weather over here in the UK I always feel quite upbeat. The new growth of snowdrops, crocuses and daffodils are pushing themselves up through the ground and the fields are full of lambs. It’s a month of new beginnings (and a new year older for me!) which is why I think it is always the perfect time to have four wonderful weeks of brand new fashion.

Unfortunately I was unable to get to LFW this year, but since there was an abundance of front row tweeting I felt like I was there anyway. Now, I know I usually write about shoes but I thought (new beginnings and all) that I would in fact dedicate this piece to handbags, as I just can’t get over how fabulous the new Mulberry collection is.


My Mulberry history goes a little like this – when I was 17 I saved up for nearly a year so I could buy myself a Mulberry Roxanne in Oak. Sumptuous oak coloured leather it’s a joy to behold (sometimes I just sit and stare at it) and the more I use it the better it looks (there’s not many things you can say that about). What’s more it will never date, (it’s a classic, and FYI a collector’s item now being discontinued and all) and goes with everything (yes ladies even black!). Of course I have added to my collection over the years (warning: when you start a Mulberry addiction it’s pretty hard to kick) with a Bayswater in Navy, a Black Darwin, a green Tilly and of course an Alexa (I got this one instead of buying a car).


This year the Mulberry catwalk show was streamed live on the internet (they are good eggs over there at Mulberry HQ) so I was able to watch the arm candy come down the catwalk whilst under a blanket eating my morning porridge (is there more to life?). Pale pink, lilac, mint green, perfect pastel hues (the new colours to lust over) came down the catwalk as I watched mesmerised. Alfred (my dog) looked at me bewildered as I gave out little squeals of excitement (he’s less than impressed by bags, especially when I put him in one). Then she appeared… Mulberry Cecily (cue an even higher pitched squeal) the flawless combination of leather and brass fastenings, the perfect size, with just the right handle height. What’s more how could you not fall in love with a bag whose colour is described as ‘light berry cream’?


Needless to say I haven’t purchased this dreamy item as of yet (if you refer to last weeks column you will remember I was trying to rope in my spending) and at a cool £1500 (AED 8,353!) it could take me a little while to save up for it. If you, however, are looking to splurge (you could look at it as investing in a family heirloom) and are not sure on the right piece to go for I would thoroughly recommend getting yourself a Mulberry. Long lasting, wearable, and forever chic you would have to go a long way in finding yourself a better brand in my opinion, just make sure you don’t leave a lidless biro in the bottom ink stains are never cool.


Sophie Fletcher


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