22 February


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Recently I have been trying to save a little money (somehow dropping a few hundred on a pair of shoes too high to wear has caught up with me) and in tightening the purse strings I have rediscovered my love of high street. Not only that but I have also discovered that the best choice in high street footwear is on their online stores, which I can happily surf on a evening sat in my pj’s with a glass of grape.

Surprisingly, during a recent surf, I purchased two pairs of shoes from Next. Now this isn’t a shop I usually buy from, in fact I by pass it all together when I’m in the city, but after seeing a rather fabulous pair of purple, sparkly cap toed stilettos on a one of the girls at work (for a bargain price of £ 16.00!! that’s just AED 89!) I thought I would peruse the footwear and was pleasantly surprised.

Firstly, the boxed (rare for a high street chain I have found) shoes arrived the day after I ordered them. It’s always nice to receive a parcel through the post, especially when its shoes! Secondly the shoes were exactly as they had been on the picture, often I find the pictures look amazing only to leave you with a disappointingly rubbish pair of shoes.

I had decided to go for a pair of black laser cut patent (shiny shoes are my weakness) pair of courts with a hidden platform (height and comfort ladies!) and rather more ‘out there’ pair of black and white spotted, cork soled sling backs. Now neither pair were real leather (and I’m pretty sure the cork wasn’t true cork) but with a combined price of just £ 59 (that’s right TWO PAIRS for AED 330!!) I could just about do without the sacred smell of new leather (I said just!).

Amazing pair of RUTHIE DAVIS (real) cork and leather open toe wedges, available at LUISAVIAROMA.COM

True to form they took a few wears before they were actually (relatively) comfy but the quality was outstanding for the price. My love for high-street is not just skin deep, in fact I have spent some dollar in New Look, River Island and Topshop recently as well, it’s so accessible and there is so much choice. Of course if anyone who may be looking to purchase me a birthday present for Saturday is reading this, I’m not a totally changed woman and would be severely disappointed if those shoes I open on the big day don’t flash me a red sole!



Sophie Fletcher


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