4 April

CONFESSION OF A SHOE ADDICT: Sense and Sensibility

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There seems to be a new breed of heel on the block, the ‘Wedgette’ (so called for its resemblance to the colossally high wedges of last summer, only much more practical), has been sneaking its way into our psyche for a few months now. Last weekend, while browsing through my fav shoe websites, I noticed that many of the designers have embraced practicality this season bringing the heel height down but the cool factor up.

With this change of heel height comes a change of style, and with celebs such as Rihanna, Cara Delevigne and Rita Ora dominating the column inches its no wonder that there has been a shift to boyish ‘geek chic’ sensibility. For me (as a life longer lover of the stiletto) the new era of footwear is something I’m not sure I can get my head around. However one trend, the wedgette trainer, has caught my eye. Once the sole territory of Isabel Marant and those yummy mummies of the world (who look achingly cool in their skinnies and Breton stripes) the wedged trainer seems to have materialised in pretty much every shop on the planet (in varying degrees of quality I may add). For me who isn’t that used to dressing it down the wedgette trainer gives me the opportunity to do just that, and is a perfect replacement for my tired old Uggs.

Isabel Marant wedge sneakers available at Luisaviaroma.com

Now I considered the Marant’s (I mean if you going to embrace a trend you may as well do it properly) and then I came across Ash (who seemed to have majorly upped their style stakes) and was pleasantly surprised by how nice they were. Brushed navy suede with a white sole and two straps they were actually quite elegant, and teamed with just the right outfit (skinnies, cashmere and leopard print scarf) made for the perfect casual Sunday look…just don’t tell anyone I enjoyed the comfort it will ruin my image.


Navy Wedge Trainer by Ash available at My-Wardrobe.com


Sophie Fletcher


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