5 August


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This week whilst rushing around getting ready for work I caught sight of myself in the bathroom mirror. I had to laugh. Stood there staring at myself wearing just my shoes and pants I realised this was my attire most mornings. I always matched my outfit with my shoes, not the other way around (like normal people). This got me to thinking about my other shoe habits, so I decided to compile a list;

You know you are a shoe addict when:

  • Your morning dressing routine goes shoes, pants then whatever
  • You obsessively keep your shoes in their original boxes…wrapped in tissue paper…with an identification picture
  • You refer to Christian Louboutin as a genious…
  • Jimmy Choo is a close second
  • You call your shoes your ‘babies’ 
  • Scuffs on suede are literally your worst nightmare
  • You have your cobbler on speed dial
  • Tamara Mellon is your career idol
  • You have a mini break down every morning looking for the exact pair to match your outfit
  • Unlike most other addicts who keep their habits under wraps you could talk about shoes until the cows come home
  • Friends and relatives always buy you shoe themed presents…but not actual shoes
  • It is a long running joke among your friends that you actually love shoes more than your husband (it’s a hard truth he’s learned to live with)
  • Although you have several pair of shoes to go with your new outfit you buy a new pair anyway…its not a waste of money its an essential
  • You hardly ever wear flats but you have a pair in every colour…just in case
  • You don’t speak to you best friend for one week when she turns up at your house in those new Mulberry boots your are coveting
  • You don’t care if the dress Anna Dello Russo was wearing was age appropriate at Fashion Week…more importantly DID YOU SEE HER SHOES?
  • You wish you were Rachel Zoe just so you could be Nicholas Kirkwood’s BFF
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  • Blisters are a small price to pay for the Bottega Veneta heels you got on sale 
  • You are surprised to learn that Kanye West is also a singer; you thought he just designed shoes…
  • You have a purposely designed shoe closet
  • You nearly had a heart attack when you saw Carrie Bradshaw’s shoe closet in Sex and the City the movie
  • You understand the practicality of crocs…but you would never be caught dead in them…ever
  • You laugh off old friends concerns when they say not to let the shoe addiction get out of hand, don’t they know it’s already too late?
  • Your husband will never know… but when he says the words ‘don’t you already have a pair like that?’ you think he’s inanely stupid 
  • You don’t really understand the point of Flip Flops…wearing heels has the same effect on your calves
  • Trainers should only ever be worn in the gym
  • You feel there is a need for celebration ever time you find a pair of shoes that you had forgotten you had…its like seeing an old friend again

On that note I’m off to the mall, having not bought a pair of shoes since last week I’m getting withdrawal symptoms.


Sophie Fletcher


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