15 July


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When I left school at 16, to pursue my dreams of becoming a police officer (don’t ask), we had an awards ceremony for the entire year to recognise those people who were leaving and those who were staying on for 6th form. It was a fun and exciting affair with everybody wondering about what award they would be up for.  Sat there amongst all the people I had grown up with I wondered about what award I would get, English was my best subject so maybe that…

The awards began with the sport teams; one by one they went up to collect their awards for ‘man of the match’ ‘fastest sprinter’ ‘best team player’ and so on. Clutching their certificates, and grinning triumphantly they descended the steps into the throngs of pats on the back. Next up came the singers, dancers, and drama queens for their contributions to the ‘arts’, pirouetting onto the stage and accepting their awards with grace. It was only when they started awarding people for ‘kindest member of the year’ and ‘always try’s really hard’ that I realised I hadn’t yet received an award, and all the categories I would have liked to have been considered for had passed. 

‘And we would like to award Sophie Fletcher the Imelda Marcos award, for having the most shoes in the year.’ Well I nearly fainted, (and for those of you who don’t know who Imelda Marcos was – she was a Filipino politician who famously owned 3000 pairs of shoes) what an award to achieve?! I sauntered up to the stage in my green paint and leather Mary Jane’s (our school uniform was green you see, and although the rules stated you had to wear black shoes, I always seemed to get away with the green ones, colour coordination and all that). Shaking hands with the head of year she said to me ‘good luck in your future endeavours, and don’t let the shoe obsession get out of hand.’ I smiled sweetly and thanked her, deciding not to tell her that with sixty seven pairs of shoes, and counting, it was probably already out of hand. I have nearly triple that many pairs now by the way.

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Of course my dreams of becoming a police officer didn’t really last, after working as a Community Support Assistant in the cells in Barrow in England I was well and truly put off, as you can imagine. After dabbling in selling shoes in a department store (I’ll tell you that story another time) I ended up over here in Dubai where I write about my shoe adventures, which gives me the perfect excuse to buy lots more. Speaking of which my new Aldo platforms are staring at me right now, better take them for a walk.



Sophie Fletcher


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