17 October

DEATH OF FASHION: Furne One of AMATO Couture

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On one regular weekend night out at the N’Dulge club in Atlantis hotel in Dubai, something rather ‘irregular’ happened. It was a THE DEATH OF FASHION!

I felt like I was in Kubrick’s “Eyes wide shut” movie!

It was an Avant-Garde fashion event combining art, music and fashion. For the first time in Dubai and Middle East this extraordinary concept was launched by THE ART BEAT in association with Atelier International and Furne One. It wasn’t just a fashion show, but also a series of theatrical performances by the models.

THE DEATH OF FASHION is a concept build around AMATO’s creations that project the message: “Fashion is Dead – Trend is Alive”.

The summery of the performance story goes like this: “Queen” of fashion is being celebrated throughout the night and “worshiped” by her “fans” (other models), when she suddenly suffers from an “Art Attack” and drops “dead”, the “fans” get devastated screaming among the crowd… The “Queen” of Fashion is dead, but her “Legacy” (the TREND) carries on…

The Queen

It was fun! Thanks Katrina!

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