24 October

EID GIFT SUGGESTION FOR HIM: Luxury Watch, Partner In Good And Bad Times

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Clocks are supposed to show the exact time. That is all we should expect from every watch we bought and will buy in our life. But function is not enough when it comes to wristwatches. They have to be waterproof, made of stainless steel and shaped in a timeless design. At least!

There has never been a time when watches were not a symbol for the standing of their owners. There is something hidden behind pure functionality – I bet that everybody could at least tell three names of producers of luxury watches – without even owning one. But still we know exactly why they are so popular: because of their unbelievable premium quality and the very expensive materials that were used for their production. Among the most wanted vintage watches and chronographs are products of the prestigious TAG Heuer watches brand – since they were among the pioneers of timekeeping and look back on a long tradition. Luxury wristwatch brands do not only stand for the “tool” but also for the wealth of their owners.

More than an accessory

For the autumn/winter season this year, wristwatches seem to be the ultimate accessory – especially for men. Since men are not that prone to wearing lots of jewellery, a wristwatch takes all the responsibility of being the one and only possibility to express its owner’s personality. Furthermore, going out without a wristwatch would feel like walking around almost naked for many people since the quick glance at the watch became part of their lives.

Of course, you will have to invest in such a watch– it is not only an accessory but a capital asset for the future. The better you handle your timepiece, the more it will be worth later on. And be sure of that one fact: the prettier the watch, the easier to watch time flow.


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