8 January

ENVY GREEN: Lace Elegance from CHIC Collection

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Once I was told that green dress is difficult one because only brave women would dare to wear it?! Would you agree? I must say this statement sounds a bit silly to me and I decided to demonstrate that wearing a green dress is not challenging at all, if you make a right choice of course (rule that applies to anything in fact).

The right choice is this timeless green lace dress from my all time favourite brand CHIC Collection (Dolce Gabbana would support me here for sure as they had something similar on their runways).

I was not only brave but totally bold here – wearing green dress and green shoes too! Can you believe it?! Sarah Jessica Parker, thank you for this adorable pair of satin pointy toe heels that I wear in special occasions only (so SJP handwritten initials on the sole don’t fade away too fast).

This outfit post could be titled “Sunbathing in Luxury” wearing green silk lace cocktail dress by CHIC, Sarah Jessica Parker pumps, Tory Burch gold necklace with pearls and Chanel sunnies. Dubai style it is…

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