20 April

FANTASY: Manolo Blahnik Spring/Summer 2010

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“This season wanted to follow my wildest dreams and ideas whiteout any hesitation and drawing from all of my life times inspirations” says Blahnik.

The outcome of this is extensive end varied SS10 collection which is divided and grouped by concepts.

Structure – This story features styles which challenge the shape and structure of the shoe without compromising delicacy and proportions. One of Manolo’s favorites is REBORD, a tiered New York Guggenheim inspired sling back. Other shoes in this group feature an optical illusion of shoe being hidden inside another shoe (ASTANA and CANASTANA)

Equestrian – Manolo drew upon historic equestrian paintings and etchings by artists such as Rubens for this set of shoes, with abstracted saddlery (CREPIDA) bridle (DEPURA) and braiding (ZEFANO) details. The most notable shoe is a pip-toe lace-up ankle boot which comes in a “hacking” tough brown leather or in a “dressage” black and red satin (EBETE).

Spectacle – the most whimsical group features fantastical creations which are very much Manolo’s signature CAVIARA is a striking open toe ankle boot in lavender and white jacquard silk with satin trim and cutout details. BIMBOLLA is a squared heel bouttine, which comes in white leather or a delicate blue rose Liberty print, with a corset-like row of buttons on the side… all would be at home in the imaginary world of the Big Top.

Alexander Calder – the image of Angelica Huston wearing a gold, serpent shaped necklace by Alexander Calder gave birth to shoe such as ENTRIPADA, most literally, and GORI, a curled sandal made entirely of one piece of leather by a new technique which laser cuts the material and accounts for no stitching of the upper part of the shoe. Manolo went further and draw from the abstract forms of Calder’s mobiles – GESTIONA – and sculptures such as PETASAP with it’s three interlinking fluid lines. All give the impression that Blahnik has doodled’ his idea directly onto the foot.


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