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ENVY GREEN: Lace Elegance from CHIC Collection

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Once I was told that green dress is difficult one because only brave women would dare to wear it?! Would you agree? I must say this statement sounds a bit silly to me and I decided to demonstrate that wearing a green dress is not challenging at all, if you make a right choice of course (rule [...]

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shoeRA PRESENTS: Fashion Designer Khushboo Kaplesh

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As you know, discovering young and fresh creative designers makes me excited and I love to blog about them and spread a word to wider audience. This is what these young artists need the most - people to learn about their existence, talk about their creations and accomplishments so they can receive all possible support [...]

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MY FAVORITE DUBAI STORE: Professionelle Boutique, The Dubai Mall

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Is there a special occasion coming up, a wedding, formal function or important event where you need to shine? Look no further - I have a shop for you where you will find the dress you've imagined yourself in on that special day. Professionelle is one of the rare stores in the gigantic Dubai Mall [...]

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RETURN OF THE 60’s: Dorothy Perkins AW 2015 Collection

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The swinging 60's make a bold return with a modern twist as rich hues, mini A-line skirts and ankle boots. High necklines and graphic prints are typical of the era, giving retro flair to the new Dorothy Perkins Fall collection. Layering is key, the cocoon cropped suede and retro zip-through boxy sheepskin jackets are must-have [...]

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GAP SUMMER: Whites Shorts Prints

One of my favorite collaborations this season was #GapSummer with GAP. Collection is exactly what I needed to refresh my casual wardrobe. Fantastic light natural fabrics in white and pastel hues, floral and graphic prints. Here I feature my favorite picks for #GapSummer... Shirt and shorts - GAP; Wedges - CHIC collection; Sunnies - PRADA; [...]

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MY FAVORITE DUBAI STORE: Eve Michelle Fashion Boutique

Dubai is a shopping heaven that the whole world knows about. Luxury shopping malls, internationally recognised brands, mass production and feeding frenzy in Shopping Festival season are synonyms for Dubai today. However, not many of you know, there is a very small number of treasure shops in the neighbourhood that offer different service and hand [...]

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Last but not least for this Season's Benetton Ambassador posts - after retro and sexy elegance and stylish booties, this is another outfit that would fit in my "Rock&Roll" theme. Oversized top with beaded neckline and faded print of a girl looking like young Blondie. Faux leather mini skirt and lace leggings - a slight [...]

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UNITED COLORS OF BENETTON: For the Love of Booties

I dress myself from toes up, starting with shoes and then adding other stuff to my outfit. This was the case with purple suede booties that inspired my second Benetton post for this Season. They have perfect shape, perfect heel hight and will not be outdated for a while.   In Benetton store I found also [...]

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COLLECTION PREVIEW: H&M Studio Collection SS15

Looking forward to new Studio collection from H&M - stylish bags and hats in subdued colours are all right choice for the Season that is already here, in Dubai. Watch lookbook shooting videos to get better picture of what is coming to stores soon. H&M STUDIO COLLECTION SS15 - WOMEN H&M STUDIO COLLECTION SS15 - WOMEN

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Wearing Benetton SS15 head to toe - pale pink satin and lace top/dress, faux fur and above the knee high suede boots; Chanel sunnies and pearls are my own, styled as accessories complementing the 20's Gatsby look. Wish I had a head piece as well. Same look is available in light grey color too. Boots [...]