6 August

FOOTZYROLLS: Rollable Ballet Flats

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As heels get higher and higher, our poor feet are suffering! How many times you walked on dirty streets barefoot because you literally couldn’t wear your heels for 1 more minute! Fortunately, there are Footzyrolls to provide some relief!

Created by sisters Sarah and Jenifer Caplan, Footzyrolls are a collection of rollable ballet flats that fit in the smallest of evening clutches. So instead of walking to your car or waiting for a cab on dirty streets barefoot, you can ditch your heels and slip on these adorable ballet flats! Plus, they include a bag for your Footzyrolls as well as your heels after you take them off!

Look Glamorous and Stay Comfortable at the Same Time!

Footzyrolls understand our need to stay fashionable even in our most comfortable state. There are many different styles to choose from:

Everyday Collection

Designed to work with any outfit and include the gorgeous colors of Shimmery Silver, Glittery Gold and Black as Night. These styles of Footzyrolls are extremely versatile and are just as beautiful as they are convenient.

Sizzlin Summer Snake Skin Collection

Looking to spice up your wardrobe this summer? You will adore the Rosey Rouge, Tranquil Tourquise and Wonderous White selections for your summer attire and more.

Rock’n Red Sole Footzyrolls

If you are looking for a rollable shoe that is different yet classic at the same time, these red soles will do the trick. The Rock’n Red Sole Footzyrolls might seem like your classic black rollable shoe but it is far from it. Once you take a step, the bright red sole pops and adds a flare to your whole look. It is a pair of shoes that people will take a second look at! They make excellent gifts as well for those who want to give a practical gift to their loved one on Valentine’s Day or Christmas, a Mother on Mother’s Day and more.

Limited Edition Footzyrolls

Black magic, Pretty in Pink and Golden Gator. They are simply stunning in design and incorporate subtle differences that make them stand out in the crowd. They work great for those who work at the office and need to put that pep back into their step on the way home or at work as well as anyone looking for a little bit of an edge to add to their shoe collection.

White Wedding Footzyrolls

Finally, brides to be will love these. This rollable shoe offers so many shoe wearing options including shopping around for wedding items and more. A bride can wear them while they are getting ready for their ceremony, when they walk down the aisle as well as during the reception. Brides are on their feet all day long on their wedding day so why not be comfortable? Best yet, you will be able to use them after your wedding day has passed and into your daily routine.

A convenient small carrying case with your Footzyrolls get longer lifespan to your heels and most importantly comfort to your pretty feet.

Footzyrolls flip-flops available in different colors as well!