17 August

LONDON CELEBRITY SHOE AUCTION: Stars Donate Shoes for Charity

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On October 12, 2011 a Celebrities shoes auction will take place at the Royal Society of Medicine in London. A campaign aims to raise awareness and aid for the children working on some of the world’s biggest landfills.

Boy George wore these shoes the very first time he performed on Top of the Pops

At the moment 47 celebrities already donated their favorite shoes for this noble cause – Sarah Jessica Parker, Sienna Miller, Vivienne Westwood, Eva Green, Samantha Fox, Rachel Weisz, Jaime Lee Curtis, Ricky Gervais, Jamie Oliver and Boy George among the others.

Sienna Miller has given these gorgeous black and red Calvin Klein heels

Sarah Jessica Parker has donated not 1 pair of Louboutins but 2

Jaime Lee Curtis has given Small Steps a beautiful pair of Manolo Blahnik black patent peep-toe stilettos

Rachel Weisz donates her gold Coach wedges

Shoes will be auctioned by the Small Steps Project, a charity founded by former celebrity journalist Amy Hanson after an enlightening visit to Cambodia in 2008.

“After working in show-business for so long, I knew how much food, alcohol and luxury goods were wasted in the industry,” the former party girl admitted. “The amount that we waste is causing such harm to not only the planet, but to lives on the other side of the world – and we don’t even realise it.”

“When I went to Cambodia, I witnessed huge landfills filled with our waste and excess packaging where the local children would look for scraps to sell in order to support their families. Ideally we want to raise enough money to get the children away from the rubbish dumps and into schools, but for now we’re focusing on providing durable boots to prevent the children from harming themselves with the shards of glass and sharp objects on the ground.”

Limited number of tickets for the live auction started to sell yesterday, but you can still add celebrities to the ‘wish list’ here. I’d definitely love to see shoes Madonna, Angelina Jolie and Victoria Beckham would give away…

Pop star from my childhood, Samantha Fox, has donated the shoes she wore on the cover of her Greatest Hits album 2010

Ricky Gervais is the first Small Steps Shoe Auction celebrity to give signed shoes

Visit www.smallstepsproject.org for more information.