6 January

NEW YEAR NEW FACE: Red Carpet Trio Lift

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This year of blogging I’m starting with amazing beauty related discovery I wish to share with you.


A very good friend of mine Jelena Jovanovic is skin care specialist with hands of gold and she finally made me come over to Wellbeing Medical Centre and get pampered for the New Year. It was a well deserved hour and a half long heavenly experience called RED CARPET TRIO LIFT (I’m sure my friend Sarah Jessica Parker does it on regular bases 😉

This very unique treatment combination involves three different advanced skin care treatments that are treating all three skin layers, delivering long lasting results and in the same time instant glow, tightening and smoother skin texture with even skin tone.

With strong pigmentation on my forehead I decided this is what I needed to do.

This treatment combination is created to treat any skin type and can be performed on all ages starting from 25+. It involves: exfoliation with Diamondabrasion, vitamin infusion by Dermapen Mesotherapy and stimulation of new collagen by Skin Rejuvenation treatment with Intense Pulse Light – all this with no down time!

STEP 1: Microdermabrasion /or/Diamondabrasion


This is a mechanical exfoliation treatment using diamond tip and mild suction, where dead skin cells are exfoliated leaving skin surface smoother. It is also performed before any other procedure involving infusion of active ingredients as they penetrate much faster and can be absorbed into the deeper layer of the skin. Microdermabrasion/Diamondabrasion is also great preparation for further step in this treatment combination.

STEP 2: Mesotherapy treatment by Dermapen


Worldwide known, the latest Mesotherapy treatment with Dermapen is advanced skin rejuvenation technique that is used to treat various skin conditions and is safe for ALL skin types. This is very safe technique of delivering multivitamins, aminoacids and minerals into the deeper layer of the skin and those are essential nutrients that prevent skin from dehydration and keeps skin healthy giving the natural glow. Even there are microneedles involved, there is absolutely no need for any anaesthetic application as there is no discomfort during this treatment. Micro-needles are used to create “micro-channels” in the skin allowing those active ingredients to reach dermis and promote natural production of new collagen & elastin which slows down the ageing process and skin sagginess. Dermapen treatment is performed by the “pen” with the extension tip of 12 or 36 sterile microneedles with different length (from 0.25mm to 2 mm) and different speed (from 1-5). One of the most important benefits of this treatment is that the most sensitive areas around eyes, lips and nose are easily accessible.

STEP 3: SKIN REJUVENATION with IPL – Intense Pulse Light technology by Harmony, Alma Lasers


This treatment is gold standard for photo-rejuvenation, using Intense Pulse Light technology. During this treatment, the pulsating light is delivered into the skin by tricking the skin with fake message that is being “harmed” in order to stimulate natural healing process where fibroblast, which is responsible for new collagen production, will produce new collagen and give instant tightening straight away after the treatment. This new technique treats several skin issues caused by photo-ageing and sun damage, such as
hyper-pigmentation, freckles, fine lines and wrinkles. As it has anti-inflammatory effect, it is very effective in treating breakouts by killing bad skin bacteria causing acne and reducing skin inflammation process. Therefore it can also treat eczema and rosacea. After this final step, vitamin C serum is applied following application of sun block.

With this very unique treatment combination, not only that gives instant improvement, it also continues to build up new collagen, improve skin texture and even out the skin tone.


After the first treatment by Jelena Jovanovic, DHA licensed skin care & laser specialist

Trio lift treatment can be taken as single session or for more improvement and longer lasting results, as a course of 3 sessions every 2-3 weeks apart depending on the skin condition and age.


Results are obvious after only two sessions.

For all shoeRA blog fans and followers Wellbeing Medical Centre offers discount of 75% for this signature treatment worth 2,500 Dhs. All you need to do is refer to shoeRA blog when booking an appointment at 04 3484406 and after the treatment pay 749 Dhs only.

Happy New Year!


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