25 May

NEWS: UNITED NUDE opens first North American flagship store in New York

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United Nude, a brand founded by architect Rem D Koolhaas and seventh generation shoemaker Galahad Clark open a flagship store at 25 Bond Street on Thursday, May 20th in New York.  Located on the chic Noho street across from Ian Schrager’s Herzog & de Meuron designed 40 Bond Street residence as well as uber-trendy fashion store Oak and a short walk from the new Bowery Hotel and the New Museum, the United Nude brand is frmly placed on the Manhattan landscape.

The Store Concept

From injection molded shoes to high-end carbon fiber heels, United Nude is a brand founded on conceptual design, elegance and innovation.  The characteristics of the brand’s products and DNA are evident in the design of the New York fagship store designed by Creative Director and architect Rem D Koolhaas. The store is a “dark-shop” concept which means that the store is completely dark in all areas other than those where the products are showcased and literally highlighted.

Two other important elements are featured in the store: the frst, The Wall of Light™ – a computer controlled LED wall displaying United Nude products as works of art encapsulated in geometric frames.

The second is a Lo Res car, an art sculpture designed as part of United Nude’s Lo Res Project.

The Lo Res Project

The United Nude Lo Res Project  is a design method developed by United Nude  to  re-generate objects and make existing objects even more beautiful by envisioning them with 3D software in a lower resolution. The first such product was the United Nude Lo Res shoe made from moulded rubber with leather detailing and the next incarnation available to see at the New York flagship store is the United Nude Lo Res car.

The Lo Res car was made by scanning a Lamborghini Countach into a 3D scanner and  lowering the resolution of the scan to an entire series of diferent abstractions to choose from. One of the versions was  chosen, altered and then produced.  The Lo Res car, a United Nude art piece proudly sits at the front end of the United Nude New York fagship store.

At  the  store opening  in New York, Creative Director  Rem D  Koolhaas  refected on  the  completed  fagship  and  said:  “After successfully opening fagship stores in Amsterdam and Shanghai, New York was the next logical step.  The brand has been growing strongly in Asia and Europe, but we needed to press the reset button in America and show of the United Nude brand in the coolest possible way.  The reason behind opening theatrical stores is for people to fully understand the brand and get the total United Nude experience.”

Up next for United Nude are store openings in Guangzhou and fagships in London and Tokyo as well as a photography exhibit in Shanghai this summer in tandem with the World Expo.

Source: United Nude


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