This is not going to be a typical shoeRA post because it is not going to be about shoes. But it is something inspiring I wanted to share with you, beautiful things lovers.

This post is about me and a group of art inspired Bloggers gathered around an exciting project called “Illustrators Drawing Illustrators” created by lovely Meagan Morrison.

Meagan reinvented Ana Simonovic (me :)) and created a true piece of art that I will be proud off forever! Now you can also see it at Meagan’s Blog: Travel Write Draw.

You must admit she is imaginative and extremely gifted young artist, an inevitable great name to be. I’ll use this opportunity to invite you all to follow Meagan’s Blog and support her Travel Write Draw adventure.

Now, my part of the job on the project was to illustrate another young artist Johanna Urban. Johanna is from Sweden, a nurse to be and a great talent as well.

Johanna, nursing is a noble profession, but don’t ever forget you’re a true artist, girl!

Here’s Johanna’s lovely face study I did using black rapidograph, thick red marker and a little bit of photoshop…

Rapidograph base drawing

Superimposed layers – base, shades, fillings… red lips!

Romantic portrait

Comic-book heroine

Johanna, I hope you like what I did for you!