1 December

SENSE OF TWO: Swarovski Elements Show in Dubai (Backstage)

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Last night Dubai’s fashion thirsty crowd finally had an ‘haute couture’ experience.

Swarovski Elements and eleven locally based fashion designers produced a show that made me feel really excited, as a witness of great futuristic theater play. Designs were actually costumes from the fantasy story about the magic of the Crystal. The themeSense of Two was open for interpretation and designers understood it as a universal battle between good and bad, harmony between contrasts or opposites attract. However, all of them had one thing in common – divine creations made with Swarovski Elements.

Here are some of the backstage photos to get you in the picture…  (photos by my friend Ziad Shrayteh)

Bloggers don’t miss a thing!

Interviewing Nariman Zeidan

And to see photos of the amazing show itself click HERE!



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