4 May

SHOEGASM: 2Crazy Shoe Shop of Dubai

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2Crazy is a place in Dubai where too crazy shoes live, indeed. For extravagant fashionistas in extreme need of attention, this is the shoe shop from heaven. Here unconventional styles can be found from brands like Gasoline Glamour, Finsk, United Nude, Kobi Levi, Mihai AlbuAnastasia Radevich and more…

This will destroy you shoe by Anastasia Radevich

Cassette pump by Cleo B

2Crazy shop carries Gasoline Glamour shoes also worn by celebrities like Lady Gaga and Katy Perry to name a few

The most expensive shoe in the store – AED 22,000 ($6,000)

The store managers gave me an amazing tour of the store – I suggest you pay them a visit at Sunset Mall and try on 2Crazy shoes or buy yourself a pair for a special occasion… Why not have some fun – life is 2short to wear boring stuff, right?! 😉

For more 2Crazy styles click HERE!



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