21 March

shoeRA PRESENTS: L.A.M.B Shoes by Gwen Stefani

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Gwen Stefani first launched her shoes lines in 2004 under the brand LAMB Shoes. At first, we thought that it was just another project of celebrity conceit, but later after several years, it turns out that we were wrong. LAMB shoes prove the world that it can be an outstanding brand in the fashion industry.

Stefani is able to forecast the fashion trend much better than any other celeb. She also has a unique stunning style with a long experience of various dressmakers. She even made her stage clothes as well. Isn’t it amazing?

She has been cooperating with excellent designers and professionals to finally come up with stunning shoes line. LAMB shoes are magnificent footwear that should be kept by every woman worldwide. It is stylist yet comfortable to wear.

You cannot label yourself as a true shoes fan if you do not have, or wish to have, LAMB Shoes in your collections. This fabulous brand launched by Gwen Stefani offers various gorgeous shoes for women footwear.

With this brand, it is a guarantee to look trendy, fashionable and fabulous.

The fun things to go along with LAMB Shoes:

  • Besides high-heel collections, you will also have some options if you opt for the flats.
  • Compared to other celebrities’ shoes lines including the ones from J-Lo and Paris Hilton, LAMB is gaining more popularity.
  • LAMB Shoes is named after Stefani’s album. LAMB stands for Love, Angel, Music, Baby.
  • Following the success of LAMB shoes, Stefani introduced her next fashion and shoe lines called as Harajuku Lovers. The collections are inspired by Tokyo’s street fashion styles.

Widely recognized for her eclectic personal style and natural elegance, Gwen Stefani created L.A.M.B., an acronym for Love Angel Music Baby, out of her love of design. “I just wanted to make clothes I would really want and things that represent me,” says Stefani. And L.A.M.B. is just that; a beautiful, timeless, crazy-fun collection of clothing and shoes based on Stefani’s personal style and creativity.

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