24 April

shoeRA PRESENTS: Lidija Jovanovic Shoes

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Shoes that Carry Bradshaw would die for!

“It’s not a cliche, it’s not an exaggeration, it’s not an illusion, it’s a fact and it’s an understatement, we girls love shoes! And we love shoes! The shoe is the outfits crown. Without the shoe, what would the outfit be? It would be like South Park without the sarcasm, like Einstein without wife Mileva, like Queen without Mercury, like Italy without short men, unrecognizable!

So in order to celebrate this symbol of womanhood and to finish off this week dedicated to fashion, I must mention a fantastic Belgrade shoe designer. Lidija Jovanovic makes remarkable feminine footwear in unexpected materials and sometimes in not so traditional forms, some models reminding of tango and baroque. I’m usually not that picky on comfort but wearing these shoes feels like walking on clouds. It’s a very stylish and contemporary brand & you can always spot a LJ-shoe walking down the street!” By Zorana Micic

“I am not often talking/writing about shoes. Here I have opportunity to mention One big letter in Serbian design. Lidija Jovanovic is actually costume designer, but in one moment decided to start designing shoes. Shoes for ladies between 25 and 55, with attitude, with subtle defined unique style. Inspiration finding in past epochs but even in history costume styles. Already she started to look for inspiration in dances, but especially tango. Her shoes are connected with movies, architecture, art, modern lifestyle, everything I could connected in my own world. So, shoes are talking about our own visions, sensibility, malices and manners, aesthetic position, dreams, fears and also love for explosive colors, changes, and to funnky effects. Wearing Lidija’s shoes we are becoming collectors in very special way, not just like that, not because it is modern or somebody tell us it is cool, yet we love creating our own little world. Better and lovely. Enjoy in making our own selection and interpretation.”  Sandra Draskovic, architect

Fabulous Lidija Jovanovic shoes could be bought in Italy, Holland, Serbia and hopefully in Dubai soon!

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