31 October

shoeRA PRESENTS: SUPERMARKET Concept Store that should be remembered

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A few weeks ago I visited charming Belgrade, a capital of Serbia, beautiful small Balkan country in the East of Europe. Some great things are happening there, it is a kind of Europe you’d want to experience because it’s different then Paris, London, Rome, but still full of history, tradition, style, fashion and beautiful girls walking the streets on a sunny day.

One stunning shop is there as well. It is called Supermarket, but it is all but a supermarket you would think of.

Serbian design studio reMiks is responsible for this concept store inspired by the “golden years of communism”. The space of 1400 m2 is hosting a bar, restaurant, spa, hair salon and fashion boutique. The Supermarket concept store is an actual former discount supermarket, the first one ever to be opened in former communist Yugoslavia.

“Golden years of Communism”, coinciding with the period of brutalism in architecture, were the constant source of inspiration for the reMiks team. The interior is intentionally raw and seemingly unfinished for various delicate or luxurious objects or hedonistic activities that take place in this extremely ascetic environment.

The installations are visible, concrete floor is cracked, toilet doors were taken off from derelict freight elevator. Retail modules were produced from recycled wood material (OSB). According to the designers, their intention was to create an “imperfect background for the educated consumers’ perfect fetishes”.

Intentionally raw approach plays an important part in introducing contemporary art and design into commercial, retail spaces.

Supermarket is on a fast tract to becoming an arts & culture destination of regional importance. So far in Supermarket Art corner presented a number of famous artists like Slavimir Stojanovic, Biljana Cincarevic, Nebojsa Babic, Milos Nadazdin and many others, but also many young artists whose promotion and recognition Supermarket are always ready to support. Supermarket concept store organized a lot of fashion shows, such as Dejan Despotovic, Donna Karan, Pepe jeans…


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