20 December

SHOES FROM THE TALES: 1001 Nights Limited Collection by Aennis Eunis

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Aennis Eunis is a shoe brand by Anas Shanaah, another designer that originates from the Middle East. ShoeRA presented his work previously and again we had a chance to experience his latest limited edition collection named “One Thousand and One Nights” and meet designer in person.

Jawahara Bihar

Young and humble, with initial education in Architecture and Industrial design later, Anas spoke about the transition from creating unique design for a specific client to creating diverse designs for greater audience; about the excitement of creative process and travelling between Milan, Amman and Dubai.

With Anas Shanaah

About his success he says: “For a success in any business you need to have a little faith in yourself, to believe in what you want to do and then just go and do it.”  

Badi’at Al Jamal

Anas Shanaah’s latest collection is based on stories of passion, adventures and treasures woven centuries ago from all over the ancient eastern world. The designer has interlaced this rich collection of stories in his own unique way by selecting seven characters to serve as inspiration behind his latest designs. Each crafted piece reflects the character’s personality, beauty and finesse.

Al Ward Fi’l Akmam

“If you read the story behind each of these characters you can see the inspiration in the design,” Anas says. “The use of materials, characteristics, colours and attitude all lead to the events behind that particular story.”


The exclusive preview event for VIP customers and media was set at Bloomingdale’s – Dubai, against a backdrop of a starry midnight sky, models in traditional attire and enchanting live music, taking us back in time.

Zain Al Mawafef

The collection will be displayed for public in the Footwear Department at Bloomingdale’s – Dubai for a limited time period, allowing customers to place their orders.

Photos by Ziad Shrayteh and for more click HERE!


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