7 May

SHOES OF THE DAY: Versace Heels from SS’11 Collection

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Versace white peep-toe heels in patent leather with one metallic clip – AED 3,300

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This season’s Versace collection for women is all about a playful game of proportions and opposites: short vs. long, high vs. low, plain vs. patterned, dull vs. bright, and fabric vs. flesh.
The news for shoes is that the platform has disappeared. Instead there are stiletto heels 12cm high. The shapes are sinuous and the shoes wrap around the ankle echoing the martingale belts.

Versace black peep-toe sandals in patent leather with red heel – AED 2,250

High waisted skirts cut over the knee are combined with extremely short jackets that finish under the breast. The result:  a look where a line of skin is visible between the skirt and the jacket, and where shoulders are rounded to give them a fresh emphasis.

Indeed, the shoulder achieves a new prominence within the collection and in many pieces is revealed, and framed, attaining the status of a new erogenous zone. This is often achieved through the use of decorative back-belts (martingales), which feature throughout the collection. These martingales, with decorative buttons, join, embroider and shape the padded shoulders of dresses and tops, breaking up the expanse of nude back and gently and elegantly referencing fetishistic straps.

The martingales, which also decorate high waisted skirts and the sides of dresses, are realized in contrasting materials – varnished and patent against non-shiny fabrics. And in our game of opposites, the idea of contrast is key. Many dresses feature inlays in PVC that break up the lines of the silhouette, making it look more sinuous and adding the impression of motion. Solid colours too – whites, red, splashes of turquoise, and blacks – are interrupted not only by revealed areas of flesh seen through PVC inlays or sculpted shapes cut into fabric, but also by prints, which appear in the splits of skirts and on fringes.

The basis of many of these prints is the Versace Greek fret motif, which is here used not as a logo device, but as a decorative pattern. The free and easy use of this graphic device, usually so rigid and geometric in its application, adds a sense of fluidity to the prints, with their playful use of colours.

Other decorative highlights include the juxtaposition of materials, as in the cocktail dress where macramé is mixed with cadis in rubber, and the extensive use of fringes (often of different lengths within the same dress), which bring flowing movement to dresses, and allow a striking display of patterns, especially when printed fringing is placed on top of patterned fabric.

Versace beige small bag with multicolored greek patterned fringes – AED 3,065

The accessories follow the same theme of opposites with purses and bags (sizes are small to medium) created from contrasting materials. The inlays and decorations are bright where the main material is dull, or dull where it is bright.

Versace white sling bag with red greek pattern on flap and the strap – AED 7,775

There are also small bags designed to be carried over the shoulder that feature the Greek fret motif as decoration, and not as a logo. Some bags use metal mesh with Swarovski crystals to create a play of light.

Versace boutiques in the region are located in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, KSA (Riyadh, Jeddah & Khobar), Kuwait, Qatar, and Bahrain.


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