1 July


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Last couple of weeks my Instagram, Facebook and Twitter followers saw me traveling around Slovenia as I was posting photos in real time. If you missed it, here’s a summary of places and outfits.

If you ever get a chance to visit Slovenia don’t think twice and add it as a destination to your itinerary. Slovenia is a small European country with amazing nature, cool weather and good food, favorite place for those who appreciate skiing, cycling and similar sport activities.

Images above were taken at the Vingar gorge, fantastic pure water streams and waterfalls. A three kilometers long walk was a proper oxygen overdose, especially for us Dubaians.


Be prepared for cold and wet weather. Out of two weeks spent there we had couple of warm, sunny days and it was second half of June. One of those days, when temperature was above 20C degrees, I was wearing denim Extyn shorts, H&M denim shirt, Zara sneakers and a hat. Sun is strong when it comes out and decides to stay there. This photo was taken on top of Pohorje mountain above city of Maribor.


Mestni Park in Maribor is true green oasis of the town. Chilly day calls for GAP skinny jeans and H&M cardigan.


Another version of all black outfit and denim shirt, wearing one of my favorite Benetton skull T-shirts. Hat stayed at home since it was a cloudy and rainy day.


These days my favorite arm candies are mum’s jade bracelet and silver Pandora. All charms were gifts from dear friends and family. This way they are always with me.


Lake Bled in sunset. Boat ride and visit to the castle on top of the hill are a must.


Famous cream pie of the Bled town. Original recipe is served at the Park Hotel, on a beautiful balcony above Casino. As a huge beer fan I also recommend cold Union beer, available in non-alcoholic version as well.


On Instagram i called series of these photos Trampoline Kung Fu Mama 🙂 Comfy Pimkie leggings and See By Chloe white tee allowed high jumps and a bit of silly me 🙂


One artistic architectural photo of mine – old church turret roof and cloudy sky


Black and white, monochrome inspiration while taking a casual selfie in Europark shopping mall, S.Oliver fitting room. Here I actually bought an amazing biker style black leather jacket but didn’t take a picture unfortunately. Well, you’ll have to imagine until next time…


Morning coffee on a balcony, having hubby’s white Diesel shirt and new pink heels for breakfast. I can’t wait to take these hot beauties out.


Close up of my latest purchase – fuchsia suede pointy toe pumps with twisted ankle straps. Hubby thinks these are a bit “slutty” but I don’t care.

What do you think?



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