25 May

WRITING A FASHION HISTORY OF 21st CENTURY: Cruise 2014/15 CHANEL show in Dubai

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CHANEL The Island Dubai 05

There was a quote from the Gladiator movie that I liked and remembered – “What we do in life, echoes in eternity”. I believe both Karl Lagerfeld and city of Dubai live by this saying. On May 13th they joined in a historical venture and created an event that will echo far for both CHANEL and UAE.

Today brands must shout louder and louder to be heard, noticed, to make an impact. Karl Lagerfeld was never known for modesty and once again this year, he selected one of the world’s most talked about locations to showcase Chanel’s 2014/2015 Cruise Collection. Dubai was a host and Chanel spared no cost for this one night of glitz and glamour, throwing a full-scale fashion show on a manmade island – THE Island – off the coast of Dubai.

CHANEL The Island Dubai 04

CHANEL The Island Dubai 01

CHANEL The Island Dubai 03

CHANEL The Island Dubai 02

The event was crowded with actresses, stars, princesses and 300 representatives of the world’s most influential fashion media.

Cruise 2014/15 CHANEL Show – Short Edit

Karl Lagerfeld Talks About The Show

Cruise 2014/15 CHANEL Show – The Behind the Scenes Film

Celebrity Interviews


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